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This was the episode Zach storyboarded right?

I love that the Pokemon characters are animated on 2s like an anime while the protagonist is animated on 1s, small details like that shows how much you really care about what you make

While the effort put into this video is apparent, Newgrounds isn't the place to put stuff like this. The movie portal is made for animations, and there isn't a single frame of original animation in this.

To quote the movie portal guidelines specifically "Our focus is on animation. If you want to try live action here, it must be a short film with legit production value and preferably some animation component done in post production."

I'm not rating low on the basis that this video is bad, but on the basis that this video isn't even an animation.

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Merry Christmas to everyone who participated and to everyone else on Newgrounds


deserved it

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I'm not really a dubstep person, but I can tell you have a firm understanding in how to write music.

I'd personally try to make the song less repetitive and fix the mixing up a bit

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Damn, you absolutely nailed that Y2K lineart!

You can tell an artist is good at posing if they can make a basic standing pose look interesting

The basis of a great piece is here, the pose, facial expression and background are great, but the colors are my biggest problem with it.

Her dark brown top and outlines in combination with her reds being the same color as the background characters makes her blend in too much with said background.

I understand the decision to give her a dark reddish brown, since it’s a darker version version of one of her most prominent color. But I feel a dark blue or teal would have worked better, as blue is also super prominent in her design and would contrast more with the red background.

Speaking of the background, all I would change is making it a darker red.

Keep in mind none of this criticism is to try and demoralize you or to say your art sucks and you should quit. In fact, I generally love your art and it inspires me to be a better artist myself. I’m telling you all this because I want you to be the best artist you can be.

I hope this feedback helps you in the future.

EggOfMalice responds:

I appreciate the feedback greatly! I can understand where you are coming from and will try to make palettes that pop out more with each other, even if i like unifying them a bit.

Hideki Naganuma is my spirit animal



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